"For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them." 
-- Matthew 18:20

The Lord's Library

The Lord's Library was established in 1979 to provide Christians around the world with literature that is Biblically sound, interesting and edifying. Initially tens of thousands of books were purchased and a "library" tape label was pasted into the front of each book before it was distributed. The label identified the book as belonging to the Lord's Library and encouraged people to pass it on. 

For the last 15 years the Lord's Library has operated a complete offset print shop, producing hundreds of thousands of booklets and over a million tracts. All of this is sent out freely with much of the literature going to Christians who live in poorer areas of the world. The gracious help and cheerful giving of Christians here in North America has made this work of grace possible. 

Every year we receive letters from around the world that express the heartfelt and sincere appreciation of your brothers and sisters in other countries for the literature they receive. Countries like the Phillippines, Trinadad and Tobago, Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ireland and various Latin American countries have become familiar to us. We rejoice in being able to share with others. Pray for the continued spread of this literature which faithfully presents the doctrines of grace. Give copies of our literature to your Christian friends and encourage others to read them. Help support this ministry to Christians in need all around the world. 

Available Literature


This is only a partial listing of printed material available. For further information on what is available, please contact us at williamo@westborobaptist.ca


"Is it Well with the Child?"

By William Oosterman
( $9.95 USD , $12.95 CDN )
A book that deals with the issue of infant baptism. It is a novel about a young boy who dies before he can be sprinkled and the reaction of the whole town of Delden N.Y. to this situation. It is paperback, 225 pages, full color painting on the cover, very nice. Makes an excellent gift. 
The title of the book is taken from 2 Kings 4:26, where Elisha, through his servant, asks the Shunammite woman, "Is it well with the child?" She answered, "It is well" even though the child was dead at that time. This book addresses, among other things, the serious issue of what happens to children who die before they are old enough to know right from wrong. 

"Three Sermons Dealing With Salvation / By Grace Alone"

Sermons by Charles Spurgeon

Three sermons dealing with the doctrines of grace, Human Inability, Election, and God's Will, Man's Will, by the prince of preachers. Glossy cover, picture of Spurgeon, 60 pages. 

To order, or for more complete information on our available literature, please email us at williamo@westborobaptist.ca


"Take A Long Look At The Doctrine of Election"
This is a delightful and carefully reasoned presentation of the doctrine of salvation by grace alone. The first chapter describes how God's love is the cause of the salvation of the elect. God does not save us because He is responding to our love but "we love Him because He first loved us." Chapter two shows how all Biblical pictures of salvation reveal that we were helpless when God saved us. We have been freed from slavery and death by sovereign grace. We are born again by God's will, not ours. The third chapter answers the question "Did Jesus save His people?" When Jesus died on the cross, what did He accomplish? The salvation of everyone? The possibility of salvation for everone but the actual salvation of none or the actual salvation of His people? In chapter four the "Purpose of God According to Election" is dealt with in the light of Romans 9:11. This 32 page booklet ends with six pages of quotes from C. H. Spurgeon on the subject. You will grow spiritually and be blessed as you pray and study this booklet. 

"Have You Heard of the Five Spiritual Laws?"

This is an excellent comparison of the five points developed by Arminius and the response of the Synod of Dort. The Synod of Dort was made up of 84 theologians and 18 scholars and they met for four months to discuss the man made five point system of Arminius. In this twelve page booklet each of the five points is compared, side by side. Biblical references and arguments for and against the five points are fairly presented. It is taken from the conclusion of the book "Tulip" , by Duane Spencer, published by Baker Books which is highly recommended. 

"The Reformed Faith"

This beautiful booklet with a full colour picture of Augustine on the cover was written by Loraine Boettner. Subjects such as the sovereignty of God, man's totally helpless condition, Christ's atonement, God's foreknowledge and the universalistic passages are all dealt with. It ends with a side by side comparison of the two systems of theology. Very worth while and it is a great tool if you are leading a small group Bible study or teaching Sunday School. 

"God's Indisputable Sovereignty"

This classic has been around since the time of A. W. Pink's persecution and was written by a friend of his, I. C. Herendeen. It is a mini-concordance that presents hundreds of scripture that contain such words as chosen, elect, election, called, calling, appointed, ordained, predestined, and predestination. It may suprise the average evangelical to know that these words occur hundreds of times in the New Testament. The clear historic and Biblical meaning of each work is examined and the booklets ends with an A. W. Pink study of the seven meanings of "kosmos" or "world" in the Bible. This in one very useful piece of literature for those who are willing to dig in and really examine what God's word teaches. Looking at all those verses dealing with the above subject leads to the question: Why are these verses and these Biblical doctrines hardly every mentioned in the sermons being preached every week? Words that occur hundreds of times and doctrines that are found on every page of the New Testament are seldom mentioned. 

"The Rapture"

This is a 12 page booklet that examines some recent and popular beliefs. A series of nine questions are asked, each based on clear passages of Scripture. It ends with a look at the historic origins of the doctrine of the rapture. This is not for the faint of heart, but if you are willing to be challenged you will appreciate the message being presented. 

To order, or for more complete information on our available literature, please email us at williamo@westborobaptist.ca

Gospel Tracts

"The Best Priest In The World"
This is great for Roman Catholics. In a very clear and positive way it present Jesus Christ as the best and only effective Priest, a friend of sinners who died for His people. 

"The God Who Told It Like It Was"

This tract strongly supports the literal six days of creation truth of Genesis 1-2 while sharing the gospel with those still in darkness. This tract reveals the dangerous and bankrupt theology of those who reject a literal six day creation. God said "let there be light" and defined that light by giving us morning and evening. By questioning the accuracy of Genesis 1 we join Satan in saying "Has God indeed said...?" We take the words right out of Satan's mouth. He asks the same question in Genesis 3:1. So these important truths become a part of a clear gospel presentation. A tract with a two-fold education thrust. 

"From Out Of The Gutter"

This is the personal history of a "hippie" who was converted and set free from drugs and a life of sin in 1976. In his own words "Of my own free will I rejected God while He in His Sovereign mercy drew me to Himself by His love... there is a God in heaven and He does answer prayer or I would not be here writing to you." 


This tract contains a number of pictures and presents the gospel using the game of baseball. The reader is up to bat and must carefully look at each pitch that comes in. All kinds of false beliefs are dealt with. When the batter is almost out a straight clear pitch comes in: believing in Jesus and turning from sin. This is the pitch that Jesus has pinch hit for us as a home run. Our running the bases is not in fear of not making it but in the certainty of reaching home plate. Take some of these to every game and share the gospel. 

To order, or for more complete information on our available literature, please email us at williamo@westborobaptist.ca

Tracts For Christians

"Myth Of Free Will"
This carefully reasoned argument is Biblically based and convincing. Walter Chantry takes you step by step through the thinking of modern evangelicals and their notions of free will. The Scriptures and the doctrines are unanswerable and essential. Available in French and English, it is a must for every serious student of the Word. 

"Winning Souls The Bible Way"

The whole idea of intellectual assent producing regeneration and spiritual life is examined. The modern "Four Spiritual Laws" approach is proven to be ineffectual and dangerous. It is a real encouragement to soul winners to be Bibical in this area of their life as Christians. 

"Personal Holiness"

This tract by A. W. Pink begins with the following quote from A. Toplady, "That opinion that personal holiness is unnecessary to final glorification is in direct opposition to every dictate of reason, to every declaration of Scripture." This is the antidote to many today who deny that holiness is essential by promoting the carnal Christian theory. 

"A Pastor's Dying Appeal"

This reprint of a famous letter by a pastor, John Brown of Haddington, will bring you to your knees. The pastor is dying and as he writes he challenges his flock to remain faithful. It is from the heart and very moving. Order enough to give one to every pastor you know. 

"The Christian On The Law"

The author of the great work "Pilgrim's Progress" here explores our relationship to the Law. As John Bunyan puts it, "So then, I may not, will not, cannot, dare not make the law my saviour and judge, or allow it to set up its government in my conscience, for by doing that I would fall from grace and Christ Jesus would profit me nothing." Very helpful for those who are tempted to listen to Moses when Jesus now speaks to us from heaven as God's last Word to us. 

"No Free Willy"

A short presentation of the Biblical doctrine of man's complete helplessness. Man cannot save himself or contribute in any way to his own salvation. It is all of grace. 


This wonderful tract creates excitement in our hearts for the simple ministry of handing out tracts. It documents the effects of tracts over the past centuries. There is the young Frenchman, wounded in the siege of Saint Quentin, who reads a tract while in the hospital. He is converted and becomes the famous historic Admiral Coligny, defender of Protestants and ultimately a martyr. Coligny's nurse read the tract and was saved. She gave it to the Lady Abbess who was saved and fled for her life to the Palatinate. There she met, married and influenced William Of Orange who championed the liberty of Protestants in the Netherlands. All through one little tract. So order some tracts today and begin your ministry to others before it is too late. God only knows how much can be and is accomplished through one slip of paper left on a bus, given to a waitress or handed to a gas pump attendant. Let us get to work! 

To order, or for more complete information on our available literature, please email us at williamo@westborobaptist.ca

Donations to the Lord's Library

For those who can afford to help, feel free to send us a donation to cover the cost of the printing and distributing. The Lord's Library is a registered charity in Canada. All funds raised will go towards providing literature to those in need. Thank you for your help in this ministry. 


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